March 5, 2021

Grant County Herald

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A path of destruction

Klimek’s van nose deep in the basement that they escaped from.

A 30-year-old mechanic, Seth Nelson, was killed when an EF 4 tornado, with wind speeds of 170 mph, hit the machine shed he was working in, two miles east of Dalton around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday evening. Nelson, and co-worker Nate Erickson, saw the tornado approach and took cover under and alongside a huge track tractor. The tornado wiped out the shed and knocked out Erickson, who then tried to find Nelson, but his eyes were full of dirt and he didn’t know what happened until first responders told him they found Nelson, deceased, some distance away. Nelson, and his wife Joey, had four children. Around a mile away, the tornado hit the home of Gareth and Linda Klimek, who took cover in their basement. When the tornado took the house off the foundation, it also rolled their van into the basement. Another vehicle was wrapped in trees, and a third was thrown into Blacken Lake, 300 yards away. The Klimeks suffered only bruises and minor bumps. A GoFundMe page has been set up the help the Klimeks, who lost everything. A third dwelling, between the machine shed and Klimek’s, was also damaged in the storm.