July 14, 2024

Administrative program is working in Herman

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It appears that the recently adopted County-wide Administration Program is working for the City of Herman. At the Herman City Council meeting on August 9, Grant County Sheriff Mark Haberer reported that he is seeing some “decent” results from the first round of citations.

Through the Administration Citation program, the city council identified properties not in compliance with city ordinances and a letter was sent out by the sheriff’s department. The property owner would be issued a fine that could be forgiven if the matter is addressed in a set amount of time. The sheriff’s office then monitors the progress of the matter and continues to issue fines if needed.

Haberer said that many of the first round of fines will be forgiven as the property owners are showing progress towards clean-up. However, there are also a few that are not abiding by the regulations. These people will be getting a second letter with a larger fine. For the second round, the fine goes up to $400.

He added that he will be doing another tour of the town to see what is being done or if there are any other properties needing to receive citations. Haberer talked with the council members about a mobile dwelling that was recently moved onto a property and appears to be used occasionally as a residence. This does not comply with zoning laws that state mobile units must be connected to city utilities and can only include trailer homes or manufactured homes, not campers.

In a final statement, Haberer said that the county will be cracking down on underage drivers in golf carts. He said there was just too much of it in Herman and after some recent ATV accidents in the county, the problem needed to be addressed. Basically, they will be talking to the drivers and parents first before issuing a citation. Golf cart drivers must have a valid driver’s license and the cart must be licensed and insured. It is a big safety concern for the Sheriff’s Department and they will start to address the issue.

Herman Fire Department member Michael Backman reported to the council members that the department was approved to receive a USDA grant to help pay for the outer gear and SCBA tank updates they recently did within the department. They will now be following up on the paperwork needed to get the grant money in place.

Turf restoration is underway on Berlin Ave and the second lift of tar should be coming soon. Mayor Paul Kirkeide reported on this and the progress (or lack of progress) on mediation with Border States. Slowly the two sides are whittling away at the difference.

The council members wanted to express their opposition to the county-wide curbside recycling program being discussed by the county commissioners. This has not been discussed officially at a previous meeting but the council members want to let them know that they are not in favor of it.

A closed meeting was held after the regular council meeting to discuss the Fifth Street Square building and possible sale and demolition of the property.

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