June 14, 2024

Al Schoenbauer retires after 27 years at Eagle Bank

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Al Schoenbauer bid farewell to his colleagues and celebrated his retirement from Eagle Bank on Friday, surrounded by friends, family, and coworkers. Since joining the bank in 1997, Schoenbauer has held the position of Vice President Branch Manager and has become a prominent community figure in Elbow Lake.

Gene Wenstrom, Director of the Elbow Lake Economic Development Authority, praised Schoenbauer’s contributions, remarking, “Al has always been willing to help businesses expand and has been a large influence on the city and its industries.” His efforts in fostering local economic growth have left a lasting impact on the area.

Schoenbauer was presented with a framed target, where he had shot a well-centered grouping for a score of 94 at 600 yards. 

Colleague Tim Johnson highlighted Schoenbauer’s deep personal connections within the community, saying, “He knows Elbow Lake. He knows everyone and has stories about everyone. He is a real statesman.”

Throughout his tenure at Eagle Bank, and even before while at Community First in Breckenridge, Schoenbauer actively engaged in various community roles. He was notably involved in the Flekkefest Committee, aiding in the revitalization of this cherished local festival. Additionally, he served as the treasurer of the Community Fund and participated in the Lions Club.

He talked about slowing down and taking his time to enjoy the simple things in life, like making homemade turkey soup. He has always been an avid outdoorsman and has no plans to change. 

Schoenbauer’s educational background includes a degree in Agricultural Education from the University of Minnesota.

Reflecting on his career and life in Elbow Lake, Schoenbauer expressed a deep appreciation for the town, stating, “To me, the most memorable part of Elbow Lake is the commitment to the community.” His retirement marks the end of a chapter in Eagle Bank’s history and in the Elbow Lake community.

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