April 21, 2024

An interview with Santa Claus

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A unique journey from limo driver to one of the most beloved figures of the holiday season, the man known as Santa Claus has been bringing joy and magic to children and families for nearly 27 years. In a recent interview with the Herald, he recounted how an unusual request from a client set him on the path to becoming Santa Claus.

It all began in the Twin Cities, where Santa was working as a limousine driver. During one memorable December, a regular client, who also portrayed Santa Claus, asked him to don the iconic red suit, beard, and hat to chauffeur him and his four-year-old daughter. This experience would mark the beginning of his transformation into the jolly old elf himself. “He was teaching me how to be Santa Claus,” Santa explained.

That day, as he chauffeured the pair to a children’s hospital and then through the festive lights and ice displays in Rice Park, something significant changed for him. The joy of the season and the happiness it brought to the little girl left a lasting impression. “Something just clicked,” he said.

Santa described how, at the end of the day he carried the client’s daughter to her bed and tucked her in, creating a magical memory for the child. As he left, he noticed the father ensuring his daughter watched Santa’s departure. Waving goodbye from the limousine, he drove away knowing this was something he wanted to pursue. 

Since leaving the Twin Cities, Santa and Mrs. Claus have made Grant County their home. Despite the change in location, they continue to travel extensively, both near and far, during the holiday season. Their mission is to spread the magic of Christmas and bring joy to children they meet along the way.

When asked about the significance of Santa in today’s world, he emphasized the growing need for individuals willing to embody the spirit of Santa Claus. “It’s big and only getting bigger,” he stated, acknowledging the declining number of people ready to embrace the role with the necessary patience and love.

Santa noted a trend where belief wanes around the age of ten, but he and Mrs. Claus remain undeterred, aiming to bring smiles to faces of all ages, from one to ninety-two.

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