July 14, 2024

Anderson Family selected as honorary Homecoming captains

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Jake Sias
Grant County Herald

This year’s homecoming celebrations at the WCA School District will feature the Anderson family as honorary captains. The family, consisting of Jacki, her son Ross, and her daughter Brooke, has been a part of the community for an extended period.

As honorary captains, the Anderson family will participate in multiple events during the week. They are set to appear at the Volleyball game on Tuesday and they will be introduced and will flip the coin at the homecoming football game on Friday night.

Ross is a full-time farmer, focused on the cultivation of corn and soybeans. He often collaborates with his uncle and cousin in farming activities. Brooke is a Junior at St. Benedicts, where she is enrolled in a pre-Physician Assistant (PA) program. Jacki is employed at the University of Minnesota-Morris as a Development Stewardship Administrator in the Office of Advancement.

The family has faced significant challenges in recent years. Jacki’s husband, Pat, and son, Benjamin, passed away in 2016 and 2020, respectively. Despite these losses, the Anderson family has expressed gratitude for the community support they have received. Jacki, who now resides in Glenwood, has spoken about the value of the relationships and memories she formed while living in the WCA school district. She was quoted as saying, “What do you have if you don’t have memories?”

Selection as honorary captains for homecoming events is often considered a recognition of contributions to the community. In this context, the Anderson family’s selection highlights their long-standing involvement in local activities and institutions. Ross and Benjamin were both three-sport athletes. Brooke was a two-sport athlete and Pat was a teacher, coach, and athletic director for over a decade with the school district. 

The Anderson family’s role as honorary captains in the upcoming homecoming events highlights their ongoing relationship with the WCA community. The Andersons’ participation in this year’s homecoming events serves as an acknowledgment of both their personal journey and their community involvement. Their selection is in line with the tradition of honoring individuals or families who have a meaningful connection to the local community.

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