March 5, 2021

Grant County Herald

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Assistance grants to businesses available

The Grant County Board of Commissioners approved to accept the State Aid Grant Funds in the amount of $256,250. This amount is calculated using population.

Grant County businesses, and non-profits operating in Grant County,have an opportunity to make application to the county board. They must have no current tax liens, be in good standing with the IRS, and must be able to provide a detailed narrative of how they are impacted by COVID-19.

Applications can be obtained by:

* Visit the Grant County website, <> and download the application packet 

* Contact your respective County Commissioner.

* Contact the Grant County Auditor Office at 218.685.8236

The application packet contains guidelines for the applicant, the one-page application form, and a W9 form. Completed applications must be received by 4:00 p.m. Friday, February 5, 2021, by:

Scan and e-mail completed application to:

Mail completed application packet to: Grant County Auditor, 10 2nd Street NE, Elbow Lake, MN 56531

Deliver completed application packet to:

* Grant County Auditor Office, Grant County Courthouse, Elbow Lake

* Drop Box located behind the Grant County Courthouse, Elbow Lake

There will be a special Grant County Board of Commissioners meeting on February 23 where they will review and approve grant applications. Grant County will award grants before or by March 15, 2021. Grant funds distributed cannot be expended after April 1, 2021. Judgement on grant amounts is reserved to the Grant County Board of Commissioners.

Grant County is committed to remembering that the list of hurting businesses is not always apparent by just looking at executive orders. There is flexibility with this grant to address the community’s needs. If your business has already received CARES Act Relief funds, you are still eligible to apply for this grant.

All inquiries and questions regarding this grant application process should be directed to your respective County Commissioner:

District 1 – Troy Johnson – 320.808.6209

District 2 – Dwight Walvatne – 320.760.2898

District 3 – Ken Johnson – 218.770.6473

District 4 – Bill LaValley – 218.770.0840

District 5 – Doyle Sperr – 320.304.4438