July 18, 2024

Backer responds to Carlson candidacy and criticism

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Jake Sias
Grant County Herald

Jeff Backer, a Minnesota State Representative, is campaigning for a sixth term. This time, his competition is Boone Carlson. In a recent interview, Backer detailed his legislative accomplishments, his approach to governance, and responded to criticisms from his opponent.

One of Backer’s primary arguments against Carlson’s candidacy is Carlson’s assertion that he would be a “stronger voice” on the Hill. Backer recounted a conversation he had with Carlson shortly after Carlson announced his candidacy. “Why in the Sam heck are you running against me? What have I done wrong that you don’t like?” Backer recalled asking. According to Backer, Carlson responded, “Nothing,” and indicated that his decision to run was something he simply wanted to do​​.

Backer emphasized the importance of relationship-building in his role. “The way that you have a strong presence is you develop relationships. You can only have a strong presence by working with people on your side and the opposite side,” he said. He cited his success in passing EMS provisions and securing funding for Armor Radio as examples of effective bipartisan collaboration. “Last session, we got funding for Armor Radio, a bill I chief-authored, in a total one-party rule situation. That happens because you develop relationships.”

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