May 29, 2024

Barrett City Council upholds original Storm Water Ordinance

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Jake Sias
Grant County Herald

In recent months, Barrett’s local governance has been abuzz with debates surrounding the Barrett Storm Water Ordinance. Amid heightened anticipation, the city council convened on Tuesday, Oct. 10, offering a conclusive decision on the matter. 

Discussions related to the ordinance originated from a proposal to amend the existing law. Currently, the ordinance requires that every property in Barrett be taxed based on the number of property units they possess. However, the proposed changes would have seen 46 out of 252 property units exempted from financing the city’s stormwater drainage system.

Given the divisive nature of the topic, a committee was formed with the intent of reviewing the proposed changes. This committee included prominent city figures: Mayor Michelle Jenson, Council Member Susie Sieben, and Public Works Supt. Jason Wendt. Their discussions and meetings took place over the last month, notably in private, away from public scrutiny.

When it came time to present their findings and recommendations at the city council meeting, the committee unanimously advised that the original ordinance should remain intact, without any alterations. 

It is notable that prior to these discussions, both Jenson and Sieben had shown support for the proposed changes. However, during the presentation to the city council, no specifics were provided about the factors that influenced the committee’s ultimate recommendation to maintain the current ordinance.

This drainage system is crucial for managing water flow and ensuring that infrastructure remains intact. The drainage system also plays a role in environmental conservation by managing and reducing pollutant runoff into local waterways.

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