April 10, 2021

Grant County Herald

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Board continues Law Enforcement Center talk

The Grant County Board of Commissioners continued their discussion, started last month, on the possibility of building a new law enforcement center for the Sheriff’s Department. Board Chair Dwight Walvatne asked Commissioners Bill LaValley and Troy Johnson if they had any new information. Johnson said he had been in contact with architects Kline McCarthy, who started designing a building back in 2018 when the  subject first came up. Chief Deputy Jon Combs said there are lots of different numbers, as far as price goes, and he would rather not throw a number out yet.

Walvatne said he had been meeting with County Auditor Chad Van Santen, to see if there was any funds available to get an architect started. He said a levy is collected for building improvements, and there is also funds collected from county property that has been sold.

“There is money in these accounts, ” he said.

Walvatne added that the bond for courthouse improvements, taken out 10 years ago, will soon be paid off and then new bonds could be sold.

Walvatne added that there could also be more COVID-19 releif money, or something similar down the line, and the 911 Fund has over $400,000 in it that could help pay for moving and setting up the Sheriff Department’s Dispatch Center, if a new building were to be built.

Walvatne said he would like to see a motion at the next County Board meeting, allowing the County to enter into negotiations with an architectural firm.