April 22, 2024

Board hears curbside recycling proposal

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The Grant County Board of Commissioners heard two options for a new recycling contract proposal from its recycling contractor, Engebretson and Sons Disposal. Option 1 would cost $13,098 per month, from January 1, 2021 until December 31, 2023. This option would include recycling trailer pickups much like is currently being done, with commingled recycling trailer pickups in Ashby, Elbow Lake, and Hoffman, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; and in Barrett and Herman, on Tuesdays; Norcross and Wendell, on Thursdays. The trailers would be picked up at Tipsinah Mounds Golf Course on Thursdays from April through October.

This commingled recycling is brought to Morris, then to Hutchingson where it is transferred to trucks for Shakopee for processing. Troy Engebretson, who brought the proposal to the commissioners, said this was actually cheaper than their trucks driving to Shakopee

Engebretson’s Option 2 represented a real change. This option would give Grant County curbside recycling pickup in all of its towns. Engebretson said this option would increase Grant County’s recycling tonnage as the residents and businesses that currently do not utilize the recycling trailers will utilize curbside recycling for its convenience.

“In turn, the garbage tonnage should decrease which should help offset overall disposal costs,” he said.

Engebretson said, with Option 2 he would like to propose a seven-year contract that would allow him to fully recover his investment. He proposed starting curbside recycling by June, 2021 for $17,518 per month.

Curbside recycling would require a 65 gallon cart for each resident for $1 per month rent. The recycling could be commingled and would not have to be separated.

“With Option 2 for the recycling program, we would also like the board to consider extending our garbage contract for another four years after our current contract ends,” he said. “We are committed to serving Grant County and its customers, and we feel that this option will serve each customer best. Our proposal to extend our garbage contract from 2024 through 2027 would be for $218,000 per year.”

While the commissioners were interested in Engebretson’s Option 2, Grant County Coordinator James Standish said, under the current budget, it could not be implemented until 2022.

“Also, that way, we could get some public input, adjust the budget, and do some education,” he said, suggesting a major education effort this summer once COVID-19 has calmed down.

The commissioners agreed to accept Engebretson’s Option 1, for 2021, and continue to explore Option 2 for next year.

The commissioners approved a preliminary solid waste budget for 2021, that will be finalized in February.


On Monday, Dec. 21, the board adopted a levy for 2021 of $7,342,718 which is an increase of $251,361 from 2020.

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