June 25, 2024

City might get splash pad next summer

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Elbow Lake parks may be getting a lot of attention next summer. At the Elbow Lake City Council meeting, last Monday, council member Tom Grout reported that city maintenance worker Darin Grosz is working with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on obtaining a grant to refinish the basketball and tennis courts at the Athletic Park, as well as the walking path, next summer. The city is also planning to install a splash pad at Veterans Park, although a definite location has not been picked at this time.

Briana Cohen, who works for Minnesota/Wisconsin Playground, is designing a 60 by 60 foot splash pad featuring  patriotic and troll themes. The city is also working for a DNR grant to help pay for the splash pad, which is estimated to cost around $300,000. City Clerk Jeff Holsen said he is also looking at fundraising ideas.

Grosz said splash pads use either a recirculating water system or fresh water. Fresh water would mean a higher water use bill, but recirculating water would mean the water would have to be tested every day the pad is in use.

“We need to form a committee for this with some young families,” said Holsen.

Committee Reports

Thorson Memorial Library director Lucy Anderson reported the library’s Memory Loss Resource Center is growing, and getting a lot of use.

City council member Darryl Larson reported that the planning commission approved the building of a storage shed. He suggested the commission put a flyer in utility bills explaining to residents that they need to obtain a building permit to put up a storage shed.

Larson also explained that residents who recycle paper can put that paper in a closed cardboard box now, or a stapled paper bag.

Council member John Van Kempen reported that the new hangar at the municipal airport is having concrete poured this week, but the steel that was ordered is ten weeks out, so construction will be delayed.

Fall cleanup day, in Elbow Lake, is scheduled for Wednesday, October 21, from 2:00 p.m. until 6:30.

Riley Brothers Construction will repave the parking lot at Tipsinah Mounds Campground, this week, for the low bid of $48,380.

The council received a request from a resident, and agreed to install, a four-way stop sign at the corner of 10th Ave SE and 3rd St SE.

The council agreed to purchase a Kubota excavator from Alex Power. Darin Grosz said this has been on the maintenance department’s wish list for a long time and it would get used a lot. The power commission would pay for half the estimated $49,000 cost.

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