April 21, 2024

Community Center is holding its own

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Herman Community Center (HCC) manager Cindy Dahlen presented a year-end report to the Herman City Council at their meeting on January 10. The report showed a profit of just over $500 for the year, utilizing a very tight budget.

Dahlen’s report showed that the hall held 149 rentals. There were three weddings, 28 business meetings, and 10 community rentals. The hall was used 31 times for no rent for things like the Bloodmobile and voting. The upstairs rooms were rented 48 times for Tae Kwon Do and she said a dance class just started renting that area. The total amount taken in for rentals was $19,175.

On the expense side, Dahlen had costs for the management and cleaning of $10,162. There were also cleaning supplies, insurance, and paper products. The HCC paid $825.03 for interest on the loan but that loan is now paid in full. They also made some improvements at a cost of $2,111. The total amount of expenses was $18,660.

With the evidence on paper, the council members could see exactly what goes into running the Community Center. Herman Development Corp. member Nick Ripperger stated that he was surprised by the time that goes into it.

“For now we will keep things stable and not rock the boat,” Dahlen stated. “I don’t want to do this forever, but will continue to do it as a service to the community.”

On the city side, they receive the rental income from the Legion meetings and events. The city pays all the utilities and that rent does not cover this expense. The city also uses an office area for the city clerk and council rooms for meetings. The city will continue to care for the building just like it does the city streets, other buildings, and infrastructure.

HDC member Dan Ellison added that the fundraising to pay for the Community Center is done and they will be working to get a plaque up and perhaps have an official mortgage burning ceremony. It was suggested that they look at holding an annual fundraiser with the funds used for any major expenses in the future such as furnace, water softener, etc.

Ripperger and Ellison also talked about a Runestone Telecom grant application that will be submitted soon. The grant will bring broadband to underserved areas including Herman and other parts of Grant County. Ken Hedstrom of Runestone is encouraging residents affected by slow internet service to send a letter to them which can be included with the application. It is hoped that this grant will help get better internet service to the community and surrounding area.

The city council members briefly discussed the new curbside recycling program within the county. Residents have received their bins and will soon start to do the single sort recycling. It is hoped that this will reduce the tonnage of regular garbage and thus reduce what the city needs to pay. Despite this, there is a projected increase of 7.73% to the City of Herman contract. The curbside recycling for the amount of $7,350 is in addition to the 7.73% increase from last year’s contract.

The next Herman City Council meeting will be held on Monday, February 7.

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