July 14, 2024

County Board resolves courthouse space allocation, HRA to relocate

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Jake Sias
Grant County Herald

After months of deliberation and strategic planning, Grant County officials have decided on the reallocation of space within the county courthouse, resolving an ongoing debate that has caught the attention of county employees and residents alike. During a recent meeting, the County Board heard the recommendation from the Strategic Planning Committee, which concluded that the Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) should relocate from the courthouse. This decision paves the way for the Office of Land Management, recently rebranded as Environmental Services, to expand into the space previously occupied by the HRA.

The Strategic Planning Committee, after consultations with HRA employees, determined that it was not necessary for the county to provide space for the HRA within the courthouse. During the discussion, Commissioner Bill LaValley noted he did not remember any plans to move the HRA out of the courthouse, contrary to what was documented in the official timeline. A motion was subsequently made for the HRA to relocate by April 3, allowing Environmental Services to take over the vacated office space. Notably, the motion does not include provisions for additional funding to assist the HRA with the costs associated with renting new office space. The motion was passed with a vote of three to two, with Commissioners LaValley and Dwight Walvatne dissenting.

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