March 2, 2021

Grant County Herald

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Donations offer a ‘Flannel Hug’

Jodi Moss (left) brought tubs of Flannel Hug items to the Someplace Safe advocate in Elbow Lake Thursday.

When Jodi Moss’s son, Carter Overson, died in a traffic accident, in the early morning hours of March 17, 2018, he left his mother, father, two younger brothers, and dozens of friends at West Central Area, where Carter was a senior, devastated. For his mother, Jodi Moss, the toughest time came on November 24, his birthday.

“My sister had an idea on how to make Carter’s birthday less sad,” said Jodi.

That’s how Flannel Hugs was born.

Carter loved flannel… flannel was his trademark, flannel shirts, flannel blankets, flannel everything. 

“And he was a big hugger,” said Jodi.

The sisters put collection tubs in four locations, a church, bank, hair salon, and the school, asking, via Facebook, and posters, for people to donate flannel items. In one month, the tubs were full and Jodi called Someplace Safe.

Someplace Safe specializes in domestic violence, sexual assault, and general crimes advocacy. They offer free direct support for those affected by violence; facilitating opportunities for healthy parent-child relationships, and interactions; assisting with court and legal processes; providing referrals, information, and resources; and supporting community-wide awareness and engagement to help build safe, healthy communities.

“We are so grateful to receive these items,” said the Grant County Someplace Safe Advocate. “We often help out families in tough situations, where they have nothing, and a nice warm flannel blanket can mean so much.”

Moss brought the tubs to Someplace Safe’s Elbow Lake location Thursday morning, transforming the office into a colorful, warm, welcoming place.

Moss said she hopes Flannel Hugs can be an ongoing project to help keep Carter’s name alive.