April 21, 2024

ECS: one stop shopping for your ag services

Criag Schroeder and Tony Endreson

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Both Craig Schroeder and Tony Endreson have been in the agricultural  buiness for years. Schroeder’s Productive Ag Services LLC offered insurance, bookkeeping, and financial services, while Endreson’s custom harvesting and trucking business which hauled heavy equipment, were housed out of their homes. It made sense to put them together as  ECS Ag Center, which is located in the former Farm and Home sales lot on the west side of Elbow Lake.

“We needed a bigger place where we could work inside,” said Endreson, of the huge garage in the complex, built for servicing trucks.

The office area has plenty of space for growth, as they plan to add tax services  and Trnka Financial Planning to the mix.

“We have also started a 50/50 partnership Stonybrook Seeds that will operate out of this building,” said Endreason.

They also hope to incorporate the large lot for ag sales eventually.

The ECS Ag Center motto is “All your agriculture needs in one.”

The business currently has seven employees plus three truck drivers

“We have been busy, but have a good team around us,” Endreson concluded.

ECS Ag Center will be having a Grand Opening/Christmas Party open house on Tuesday, December 7 from 3:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.

To learn more about ECS Ag Center, call 218-685-7637.

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