July 18, 2024

Elbow Lake Council accepts EDA’s LEC funding proposal

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During a special meeting last Monday evening, September 12, the Elbow Lake City Council passed a motion, by a 3-2 vote, to “support and authorize the Elbow Lake Economic Development Authority to finance the Grant County Law Enforcement Center.” This is after the council tabled such a motion during their regular meeting last Tuesday. That motion was tabled by a vote of 3-2 with Darryl and Julie Larson and John Van Kempen voting to table, the Larsons because they felt the proposed $8.5 million project was too expensive, and needed more public input, and Van Kempen because he wanted some questions answered about the project.

Monday, members of the Elbow Lake EDA, Chief Deputy Jon Combs, and Grant County Board Chair Bill LaValley answered those questions. The EDA outlined a number of options that could be utilized, through the sale of 20 or 25 year lease revenue bonds. The amount will be decided depending on how the bids for construction come in. Tax impacts to Grant County property holders would also depend on the bids. But, according to EDA member Gene Wenstrom the annual tax liability on a $150,000 home would be less than $20 annually. Once bids are accepted and the final price settled, complete tax tables will be ready for publication.

 Combs said it is important to remember that the $8.5 million, often mentioned as the cost of the LEC, is only a proposed estimate.“ We need the bids to come in before we bond,” Combs said. “The bids could very well come in lower, especially with so many local contractors who can do the work.”  Combs reiterated his desire to utilize as many local contractors as possible for the project, and hoped that by late January or early February, 2023, when contractors are lining up work for the construction season, bids will be ready to let.

 Combs said a Design Development Committee meeting was scheduled for Thursday, September 15 in which a timetable will be developed.

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