April 21, 2024

Elbow Lake council pass resolution of support for WCA bond referendum

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The Elbow Lake City Council passed a resolution, last Monday evening, encouraging residents of the City of Elbow Lake to educate themselves on the West Central Area School’s building bond referendum, and cast their votes for the referendum.

The vote to support this resolution was 3-2 with councilperson’s Darryl Larson and Julie Larson voting against it.

In a discussion before the vote, Darryl Larson said he was not prepared to vote yes at this time.

Councilperson Tom Grout said he felt if the referendum does not pass, the school board will, once again, push for a one site option.

Councilperson John Van Kempen said the people of the district have spoken and they said they want the three school site option.

“Whatever I pay (in increased property taxes) I will gain back in increased value on my house,” he said, adding. “We have a good thing to offer (In Elbow Lake).”

Mayor Deb Hengel said having an elementary school in Elbow Lake is a drawing point for people looking to live here. 

“I urge people to get educated, go to the school website… ask questions.”

But Larson said the school should wait, claiming that the upcoming infrastructure bill being debated in Congress may have money for the building of new schools.

“I am all for keeping the schools up and in Elbow Lake,” said Councilperson Julie Larson. “But I question the cost.”

Hengel said tax liability information is available on the school’s web site and added that her own tax liability, if all three questions pass, is only an additional 41 cents per day.

Reports of Officers 

and Committees

Mayor Hengel said Grant County Sheriff Mark Haberer had a list of a dozen properties in Elbow Lake who were in violation of the Nuisance Ordinance for disorderly property. Haberer said he was working with the property owners and having some success.

Library Director Lucy Johnson reported circulation at the library totaled 1,573 in September, not including online magazines or books. She reported Alex Glazing is fixing the leaky windows

Tom Grout and Van Kempen, of the Parks and Recreation Committee, reported that a grant has been applied for to purchase new playground equipment at the Athletic Park. Van Kempen said he recently attended a “Fundraising 101” workshop by the West Central Initiative that was very instructional. As a result, a steering committee, of 13 community members, has been formed to promote and fund raise for a splash park in Elbow Lake. The committee was to have their first meeting on Thursday.

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