June 25, 2024

Flekkefest offers vintage wheels and agricultural innovations

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Car enthusiasts in Flekkefest have a reason to rejoice as the highly anticipated annual car show makes a comeback this year. The event, which was unfortunately canceled in 2020 due to coronavirus restrictions, is set to take place near the Co-Op Grain east elevators on Saturday, August 5, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. David Ehlers, the organizer of the show, expressed his disappointment over last year’s cancellation and is determined to rectify the situation.

Ehlers, who had just completed the restoration of his ‘66 Mustang Coupe when the pandemic struck, was left disheartened when the car show had to be called off. Despite the lifting of restrictions, the event did not make a return. This year, he has taken the initiative to revive the long-standing tradition and ensure that car enthusiasts have the opportunity to showcase their vehicles.

Ehlers encourages all owners of cool and fascinating old cars in the area to participate in the event. He simply invites them to “show up and park in line” at the designated location. In addition to the Flekkefest car show, Ehlers has launched the “Grant County Classics” Facebook page, which serves as a platform to organize and promote various car shows throughout the year. This online community aims to bring together car enthusiasts and spread awareness about the diverse range of car shows happening in the county.



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