June 15, 2024

Four new teachers at Herman-Norcross

Pictured from left are new teachers Jenny Tollefson, Sonja Amundson, Jeremy Popp, and Adam Calhoon.

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The four new teachers in the Herman-Norcross School District are becoming very established in their positions.  Each one has taken a key role in the education of the students in the district and is getting more familiar with both the school and Herman-Norcross Area.

The four new teachers are Jeremy Popp, Sonja Amundsen, Jenny Tollefson, and Adam Calhoun. Popp is the science teacher and athletic director at the school. Tollefson is a first grade teacher. Amundsen will teach preschool, and third and fifth grade math. Calhoun is the new history teacher. Here is a little more information about each teacher.

Jeremy Popp

Popp grew up in Lidgerwood, ND and received his bachelor’s degree from Bemidji State University and a masters degree from North Dakota State University. His first teaching position was as the science teacher at Red Lake High School, Red Lake, MN.

Popp came from a family full of educators which guided him in his career choice. He loves to learn new things and teach those things to others.  When not teaching, you might find him doing anything outdoors or watching sports of all kinds.

He likes the Herman-Norcross School District because it is a small school community, like the community where he grew up. “There are so many great advantages to being in a close-knit school and community,” he explained. “Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this school and work with your students.”

Sonja Amundson

Amundson grew up in northern Minnesota near Roseau and Thief River Falls. She graduated from Grygla High School and went to college at Concordia in Moorhead and then the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. She graduated from the College of St. Catherine with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and Marketing.

Her first job was at a Pizza Hut in Minneapolis while attending college. After college she worked for General Electric IT Solutions as an Operations Manager.

When her children were in school, she started working at the Chokio-Alberta school so her schedule matched theirs. She started as a para for Preschool and Kindergarten and then became a preschool teacher.

She likes to watch football and baseball and do things outdoors like gardening, building things, and camping.

“I enjoy working in small school districts,” Amundsen said. “This school is slightly smaller than Chokio-Alberta, so I think this is a good fit for me. The teachers, staff, parents, and everyone I’ve encountered in this area have been very kind, welcoming, and helpful. I’m happy to be working in this community with your children and grandchildren.”

Jenny Tollefson

Tollefson grew up near Herman, in Ashby, and graduated from Ashby High School She lived most of her life in Ashby but is now living in Herman with her two daughters. 

After high school she attended Moorhead State university where she got her Bachelor of Science degree in elementary. She is currently enrolled at the College of St. Scholastica working on her masters in education.

For several years after college she worked at the Ashby School District in numerous positions. The most current was in the Title I Program along with some extracurricular activities.

“I have always loved school,” Jenny said about choosing teaching as a career. “I have a passion for working with kids and helping them learn and grow. I am so excited to be the 1st grade teacher at Herman-Norcross and help these great students learn and grow to their full potential.”

When she is not at school, you might find her spending time with family and friends. She enjoys anything outdoors and, to relax, you might find her on a long walk or soaking up the sunshine. She enjoys cooking, baking, gardening, and Do-it-yourself projects. She also loves watching and attending sporting events.

“My impression of this school district and the surrounding area is that they are very proud of and will do anything to support the school and students of the school district,” she added. “I am very excited to be part of this supportive community. It is fun to meet and get to know everyone. The students are wonderful to work with and I am very excited about all the great things and growth they will make over this school year.”

Adam Calhoon

Calhoon grew up in White River, SD where he attended high school, graduating in 2001. He then attended the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, SD, graduating in 2018 with a Bachelors in History Education. During ten years of that time, he served in the army before returning to college in 2014. His first teaching position was at Andes Central in Lake Andes, SD.

He has always enjoyed history and looks forward to passing on the knowledge he has gained to the next generations. He also enjoys sports, whether it is at the high school level or pro. “Sunday afternoon in the fall was made for football,” he stated. “Go Warriors!”

“My impression of the area is that it is very similar to where I grew up, just more farmers than ranchers,” Calhoon explained. “There are a lot of well-behaved students here when they have something to be on task with.

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