April 21, 2024

Franzen brings unique women’s health practice to Barrett

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Jake Sias
Grant County Herald

June Franzen, a women’s health nurse practitioner, recently relocated from Lake Havasu City, AZ, to Barrett, MN, to be closer to her family, including her children and grandchildren. With over 30 years of experience in women’s health, Franzen is introducing a distinctive approach to healthcare in Barrett, focusing on a broad range of services, including sexual health for both men and women.

Franzen’s expertise extends beyond traditional women’s health. “I was in the world of OB GYN stuff. I don’t do OB. I only do women’s health and the GYN aspect and sexual health. So, there is a little bit of overlap for men also,” she explained. Addressing a frequently overlooked aspect of men’s health, Franzen added, “I have definitely seen more men for what I like to call ‘men-o-pause.’ We have menopause for women and ‘men-o-pause’ for men, which means that their bodies also change and don’t function like they would like them to, which is usually that drop in testosterone.”

Her background includes working for a private practice in AZ and in public health in Fargo. In a departure from traditional practice settings, Franzen has established her new practice, Aidin Wellness, in her home in Barrett. She has converted her downstairs into a clinic, equipped with the necessary medical equipment. This home-based practice was greenlit by the Barrett city council, following Franzen’s request for a variance.

Franzen expressed concerns regarding the transparency of healthcare pricing during her interview with the Herald. She highlighted her decision not to accept insurance, citing the administrative burden and its impact on patient care. “I had to hire three extra people to help with that insurance process,” she said, emphasizing the inefficiencies of the current system.

Her decision to establish her practice in Barrett, rather than in larger communities like Alexandria or Fergus Falls, stems from her desire to contribute to her new community. Franzen believes there is always a need for healthcare, regardless of the size of the community.

In her practice, Franzen has become a go-to expert for vulvar disease, a subject she feels is poorly communicated and often neglected. She spent time with a specialist in Phoenix to deepen her knowledge in this area. “A lot of issues that women particularly can be poo-pooed about,” Franzen stated, addressing the common neglect of serious conditions like chronic itching, pain, and even cancers.

Franzen emphasizes the importance of thorough physical examinations, a practice she feels has been diminishing in modern medicine. “I was trained to give a medical exam, to look in your ears, to look in your mouth, to feel the thyroid, check breasts, palpate the abdomen, do pelvic exams,” she explained. Franzen recounted instances of diagnosing vulvar and vaginal cancers in patients who had not been adequately examined or treated in the past.

Her clinic, Aidin Wellness, offers a range of services as detailed on her website. These include general annual exams, breast concerns, menopausal hormone therapy/birth control, chronic vulvar conditions, incontinence, sexuality, and limited generalized care for women. Men are treated for sexual disorders/concerns and hormone support. Franzen advocates for her patients to maintain care with primary care providers and specialists for comprehensive health management.

Aidin Wellness operates on a cash basis, with Franzen explicitly stating her decision to avoid dealing with insurance companies. This decision, she believes, allows for more focused and beneficial patient care. The clinic operates on limited days and hours, with special appointments available. Franzen emphasizes the importance of family in her life, planning to take extended vacations to spend time with her family, including visits to her daughter living abroad.

Franzen concludes with a message on her website, reflecting her philosophy: “Life is a journey; feel the best you can on your journey.” With this move to Barrett and the establishment of Aidin Wellness, Franzen is set to offer a unique and holistic approach to healthcare in the community.

Aidin Wellness will be accepting new patients starting January 22. Franzen can be reached at (320) 669-2662 and her website is <www.junefranzen.com>.

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