April 22, 2024

Generous donations pour in for Bullock family after fire claims home

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Jake Sias
Grant County Herald

In the early morning hours of Feb 19, a fire engulfed the home of Connie Bullock and her granddaughter, Darby, in Elbow Lake, MN. The fire, caused by a neglected candle, resulted in the destruction of their residence. Darby had fallen asleep and was awoken by the smoke and the sight of the back wall of her bedroom in flames. She and their cat were able to escape the home before the fires consumed the interior of the house. 

Connie, a public health nurse and an artist known for her home renovation projects and her involvement in Roxy’s Golden Bed & Biscuits, a dog boarding kennel, was away in Arizona during the incident. Upon receiving the distressing news from her granddaughter, she learned of their immediate displacement and the total loss of their home. The house has been deemed unsalvageable and needs to be torn down. The adjacent business, however, remained unaffected by the fire. 

In the aftermath, the Bullocks have found temporary shelter within their kennel’s enclosed area. Although offers of accommodation have come from family and friends, Connie expressed a desire to stay close to what remains of their possessions. The Bullocks have been residents of the area for 15 years, contributing significantly to the local community through both Connie’s professional and artistic endeavors.


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