April 21, 2024

‘Good Morning Elbow Lake’ kickoff at the Knotty Pine

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Jake Sias

Grant County Herald

Good Morning Elbow Lake is a new program that is being organized by the Elbow Lake Chamber of Commerce. This innovative initiative aims to bring together chamber members and those considering membership for networking opportunities. The primary goal is to foster synergy among local businesses, ultimately driving the community’s economic growth.

The honor of hosting the inaugural “Good Morning Elbow Lake” event goes to the Knotty Pine, a beloved establishment in the heart of Elbow Lake. The restaurant is currently under the capable management of Steve and Jacky Hensley. The couple, currently from Alexandria, also hold management roles at the renowned Angelina’s Restaurant & Bar in their hometown. With family in Grant County, they hope to one day move closer to Elbow Lake. 

While the Hensleys may not be the official owners of the Knotty Pine, they have been granted significant creative freedom in its operations. The restaurant, which stood as a testament to Paul Reiland’s dedication since late 2009, is poised for a fresh chapter under the Hensleys’ guidance. They are eager to infuse new energy into the establishment, all while preserving the trusted reputation it has built over the years in the community. “We need Elbow Lake, and I feel Elbow Lake needs us,” stated Steve, noting the few restaurants in the Elbow Lake area. 

The “Good Morning Elbow Lake” program is a testament to the Chamber’s commitment to fostering a collaborative business environment in Elbow Lake. The event will take place on September 29, at 7:00 a.m. All members and prospective business members are encouraged to attend, share ideas, and work together for the betterment of the local economy. Businesses that might not have a venue suitable for such a gathering, can arrange for accommodations in the community building. 

For more information on the upcoming event and how to get involved, contact the Elbow Lake Chamber of Commerce at (218) 685-5380.

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