May 25, 2024

Grant County Commission steps up cybersecurity, approves the budget and announces a key retirement

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Jake Sias
Grant County Herald

In a move to fortify its defenses against cyber threats, Grant County has adopted the KnowB4 online safety program. This decision, ratified by the commissioners during their December 7 meeting, aims to equip county employees with the skills necessary to identify and guard against phishing attacks.

Phishing, a prevalent form of cybercrime, involves sending deceptive emails that mimic legitimate correspondence to extract sensitive information such as passwords and personal data. The sophistication of these scams renders them a  threat, necessitating specialized training for effective prevention.

No matter what cyber security suites are being utilized by the county, no level of protection can compare to the security provided by active prevention by the employees. 

The KnowB4 program, now operational following the commissioners’ approval, adopts an innovative approach to cybersecurity training. It simulates phishing scenarios by sending test emails to employees. If an employee falls for one of these simulated attacks, KnowB4 provides a tailored learning course, enhancing their ability to recognize real phishing attempts in the future.

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