June 15, 2024

Hello From the New GCH Editor, Jake Sias

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Greetings, Grant County! Although I feel that I have met many of you in the last three weeks I have been at the editor’s desk, I know that there are still thousands whom I have yet to introduce myself to. 

Growing up, I bounced around the country. No, neither of my parents were in the military, but, due to pursuing various universities and employment, we covered a good portion of the western United States. I attended Sartell High School, where I met my wife. We proceeded westward, attending school at Brigham Young University-Idaho, where I pursued a degree in writing creatively for fiction and film. Once we felt that Idaho had given us all it had to offer, we continued on to Washington.

We couldn’t get enough of the temperate rainforests, the diverse cultural exchanges, and the ocean views. As of May of 2022, we are now back in Minnesota, having brought not just ourselves but three rambunctious kiddos as well. 

I worked as a caregiver for five years, both privately and in larger facilities. I worked with people of humble means and of great wealth and I learned that everyone has a story. Everyone has their triumphs and their failures. Approximately 117 billion people have ever lived on Earth, and of those billions we only have access to the stories of a small percentage of them, including those alive now. That means there are billions of stories yet to be told, and I have always been a sucker for a good story.  

Aside from writing, I have a passion for learning. My mind is constantly brimming with questions, often much to my wife’s chagrin. Now my occupation complements that passion and I am here to ask you, Grant County, questions. I hope you enjoy accompanying me through the many goings-on here. 

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