April 21, 2024

HRA’s extension denied, $200K allocated for new location

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Jake Sias
Grant County Herald

County officials faced a contentious decision during a recent board meeting as the Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA), led by Jim Standish, sought an extension for vacating courthouse space soon to be occupied by the Environmental Services Department. With an impending deadline of April 4 for the HRA to vacate, tensions were evident as the board deliberated over the extension request and subsequent funding issues.

Jim Standish, representing the HRA, communicated the difficulty of finding a new location within the tight timeline. Standish and his team are considering a potential new location for the HRA, but highlighted challenges related to bureaucratic and logistical processes that could delay the move.

During the meeting, the board voted on the extension request, resulting in a split decision. Commissioners Bill LaValley and Dwight Walvatne supported the extension, while Commissioners Ken Johnson, Troy Johnson, and Doyle Sperr opposed it. Ken Johnson told the Herald, “We could not proceed in succession planning until we received an official notice. He encumbered us from moving forward until December 19.”

Standish argued that his previous communications regarding his role in solid waste management should have sufficed as notice for the county to begin transition plans.

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