July 14, 2024

Jenson makes a hobby his business

Jenson in his showroom.

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Eric Jenson has been processing his own deer for dozens of years, and figured he might as well do it for others as well. So this summer, he converted the old milk house on his third generation farm, just outside Barrett, into a deer processing and taxidermy shop. This fall, he was immediately overwhelmed with business.

“I’ve processed around 50 deer so far,” Jenson said. “Most are bucks, and they want the head mounted.”

He expects to process a couple of hundred deer this season. His son, Blake, works with him, turning deer  into vension sausage, steaks, and hamburger.

Jenson said he learned taxidermy from YouTube and “trial and error.”

“My first mount didn’t look so good. I’ve got it down [figured out] now.”

Proof of that, is the over two dozen mounts of deer he has shot in his show room. He hunts mostly with bow and arrow nowadays, and has already got his buck for this season. He bagged a 270 pounder, and  he plans to do a full body mount with it.

“I’ve been doing so many mounts, I’m three years behind on my own,” he said. “But it’s been good.”

Jenson said hunters are more selective than they used to be, and will pass on several good shots, in order to bag a big buck.

“I’ve only had two does in here so far.”

To contact Jenson, call 320-815-9071, or drive up and see him at 106 2nd St.; Barrett.

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