April 22, 2024

Local FFA members attend National Convention

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Jake Sias
Grant County Herald

Students and faculty from the West Central Area, Ashby, and Herman-Norcross School Districts’ FFA Chapters recently participated in the prestigious Future Farmers of America (FFA) National Convention held in Indianapolis. This event, known for its vast scope and diverse activities, offered a unique platform for attendees to explore various aspects of agriculture.

During their time at the convention, the students embarked on several educational tours. These included visits to cranberry, dairy, and pig farms, providing a hands-on understanding of these agricultural sectors. Perhaps most intriguing was the tour of an indoor shrimp farm, which, according to faculty member Eric Sawatzke, resembled a chemistry lab, indicating the advanced and scientific approach to modern farming techniques.

Veteran attendees Alexa Blume, Jamie Johnson, and Stephanie Reeve highlighted networking with FFA members nationwide and exchanging agricultural strategies as their convention highlights. Johnson, in particular, expressed enthusiasm for the gathering of FFA members, symbolized by their distinctive blue jackets.

The convention, a record-breaking event for the FFA, hosted 23,000 of its 940,000 members. The organization, known for its student-led leadership, includes six national officers who are students themselves. Participants had the opportunity to hear from these officers, with a focus on maintaining positivity in all circumstances, underscoring the convention’s role in fostering leadership and personal development among future agricultural professionals.

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