July 14, 2024

Minnesota welcomes first X band radar array with ceremony

Climavision presents Wendell with a plaque commemorating the event. Pictured here from left to right Chad Biss, Tina Lindquist, Tanner Davison, Tanya Bakken, and Tara Goode.

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Jake Sias
Grant County Herald

Members of meteorological and public safety teams gathered for the “ribbon cutting” ceremony held in the Grant County Office building for the Wendell X band weather radar. This event marked the inauguration of Minnesota’s first X band radar array, installed earlier this fall. The array, situated atop the Wendell water tower, was commemorated in a gathering attended by state and local officials, alongside representatives from Climavision, the company responsible for the radar’s installation.

While no traditional ribbon was cut, a plaque was presented by Climavision, symbolizing the operational commencement of the radar array. The ceremony included a detailed presentation by Climavision’s Vice President Tara Goode and Apoorva Bajaj, explaining the significance of the new radar technology.

Among the attendees were State Representative Jeff Backer (R), Emergency Management Coordinator Tina Lindquist, Wendell’s City Clerk Tanya Bakken and Mayor Tanner Davison, National Weather Service’s Melinda Beerands and Jim Kaiser, and County Commissioners Doyle Sperr, Ken Johnson, and Dwight Walvatne. The event attracted numerous stakeholders interested in enhancing emergency weather preparedness.

Climavision’s X band radar array, as of Nov. 22, has been integrated into their network of radar arrays. This development is expected to significantly enhance weather prediction accuracy in the region. X band radars operate on a different frequency compared to the more common S band radars. They offer higher resolution images due to their shorter wavelengths, allowing for more detailed observation of meteorological phenomena, especially at lower altitudes.

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