May 28, 2024

Moose on Patrol – Local horse is now part of the Minneapolis Mounted Police

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Jake Sias


Moose, a Percheron crossbreed owned by the Corey family of Herman, was among the horses honored during a graduation ceremony May 18 conducted by the Minneapolis Mounted Police Academy.

Moose was bought at auction by Maddie Corey when she was just 11. With Moose, a draft horse already standing 16.2 hands tall, they made quite the funny pair. Yet he displayed a patient temperament despite Maddie’s insistence on barrel racing. Instead, he preferred trail riding, his calm demeanor on display as he would hardly flinch when spooked deer or pheasants would dart across the path. 

The decision to explore Moose’s suitability for the police academy arose when the Corey family noticed a poster at the Anoka Equine Center, stating that the Minneapolis Police Academy was seeking a new draft crossbred horse. Maddie continued to express interest in trying the “gaming” aspect of owning a horse but found that Moose was not inclined towards it. This prompted the Coreys to consider the police academy as a potential option for Moose.

After contacting Sgt. Adrian Infante, the Coreys reached out to the academy and arranged for Moose to undergo a comprehensive veterinary evaluation at Anoka Equine. Accompanied by Officer Nate Dziuk, Moose underwent various exams, all of which he successfully passed. Following the completion of necessary paperwork, Moose was transported to the Minneapolis Mounted Police Academy Stable in Maple Plain.

During his trial period, Moose underwent extensive sensory training under the supervision of Infante. The training involved exposure to various stimuli such as smoke grenades, fireworks, and objects hanging above and below him. Moose demonstrated a calm and composed demeanor throughout the training, which earned him the commendation of being “bombproof” from Infante.

To assess Moose’s adaptability to an urban environment, he was introduced to the sights and sounds of the city, including sirens, flashing lights, and heavy traffic. Moose navigated these challenges with confidence and ease.

Impressed by Moose’s temperament and adaptability, the Minneapolis Police Academy decided to purchase him. Moose was subsequently provided with his own saddle, bridle, halter, and riot gear to ensure his safety and comfort while on duty. The riot gear includes eye and chest protectors, emphasizing the academy’s commitment to the well-being of their mounted officers.

Maple Plain Mounted Police Stable hosted the graduation ceremony. The event showcased the training and skills of Moose and his fellow mounts, as they demonstrated various scenarios encountered during police operations. 

Peggy Corey expressed her confidence in Moose’s future and stated, “We know Moose will get all the love, care, really good food and treats the mounted police officers can give.” 

The Minneapolis Mounted Police Academy’s mission statement, “Protect with courage. Serve with compassion,” aligns with the Coreys’ hopes for Moose’s new role.

So long as Moose remains healthy and fit for service, it is expected that he will be working with the police for the next seven years. Once his time there has come to an end, he will retire back to his home in Herman where he and Maddie can enjoy trail riding again.

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