April 21, 2024

O! The Joy! Stories and Songs of the Lewis and Clark Expedition’ coming to Barrett

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It may have been a while since you learned of our history’s Great Exploration and the Corps of Discovery, but it is a story that warrents some revisiting.

“The story of the Corps of Discovery is a big story! Too big for one production; so I’ve chosen some pieces of the story that you might not have learned in your history lesson,” says Paulette Friday. Along with the historical pieces Friday has written to tell the story, she has researched the music of the era and selected numbers that were, at least to some extent, likely to have been played often on this journey. 

Stories and songs played a key and critical role in the Great Expedition, and Friday’s new production will demonstrate this through her written pieces and selection of historical music.

Those who have seen Friday’s other historical productions – Civil War, Great Depression, 19th Century Immigration, Prairie Pioneering, and Women’s Suffrage won’t be disappointed in this new offering. It promises a range of emotion in story form and toe-tapping as well as familiar sentimental music.

Performers are David Bengtson, Greg Donahue, Paulette Friday, Chuck Grussing, Patty Kakac, Terry Kennedy, Todd Nelson, Anne O’Flynn, Sara Robinson, and Leah Zenner.  

The show premiered at the Alexandria Area High School Performing Arts Center earlier this month and was very well received. One satisfied audience member said, “It is so fun to watch an ensemble work so well together. This production reminds me of what Ken Burns does – stories and songs.”

The show is performing at Roosevelt Hall in Barrett on Sunday, Sept. 24, at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are $20 at the door.

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