April 21, 2024

Old Settlers’ Reunion back to full strength

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At last Monday’s Elbow Lake City Council meeting, the main topic of discussion was the devastating storm that hit the area the evening of Memorial Day. The council publicly thanked the city crew and all the volunteers, including a group of 25 to 30 or so athletes from West Central Area, who worked long and hard to clean up the city and Tipsinah Mounds Campground, filling 20 truckloads of debris  They also thanked County Commissioner Bill LaValley for finding some heavy equipment to stack and push back trees and brush from the ever expanding city brush dump three miles east of town. The council talked about how much use the dump had gotten after the storm and the fact that only city residents were supposed to use it. They mentioned that Grant County needs to come up with a site for the other county residents to use.

“Many trees have been replanted already,” said council member Tom Grout. “We need to be thankful no one was hurt.”

The council approved a donation of $750 each to the WCA volleyball program and Grant County 4-H for clean-up work they did after the earlier storm in May. Elbow Lake Municipal Water Superintendent Darin Grosz talked about the need for new generators to power sirens and water wells when the power goes out. He said the new water treatment plant will come with its own generator, but one is needed for the wells and lift station.

Waste water superintendent Joey Lohse thanked the City of Barrett for sending one of their generators to help out, and Grosz said he will get some estimates on new generators before the next meeting.

   Other business

Chamber of Commerce Director Sue Kulbeik reported on efforts to support the Sister City Program. Two members of the council were appointed to the Sister City board of directors, Mayor Deb Hengel and council person John Van Kempen. Kulbeik said the Flekkefest Sister City Program will be held on Sunday, following the Lions Fish Fry, at 12:30 p.m. in the Elbow Lake Fire Hall.

“This way we hope to attract more people,” she said.

Kulbeik reported the Elbow Lake Farmers Market gets underway on Thursday, July 14 at Veterans Park. The C&C will be seeking organizations to furnish a meal as a fundraiser.

The city passed a motion to approve Allen St. Martin to water the flowers in the planters on main street during the summer for $2,000.

The council approved the installation of a keypad entrance for the north door of Thorson Memorial Library to limit access, especially when the library is not open.

Library Director Lucy Anderson reported the summer reading program is off to a great start with 20 kids particpating. The library has many events planned for the summer.

The council received a request to install stop signs, to replace the yield signs, on Eighth Ave. and 1st St. N.E. by the exit for the new car wash. Grosz said he would like to check out how this change would affect traffic flow before putting in the stop signs.

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