June 25, 2024

SnoWeek comes to Ashby

SnoWeek queen hopefuls (from left to right) Alyssa Johnson, Ashley Paulson, and Haleigh Brendmoen stand awaiting for the final crowning decision.

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Jake Sias 
Grant County Herald

Ashby Public Schools are in full swing with their spirited SnoWeek 2024 celebrations, offering a slate of themed days and activities aimed at fostering camaraderie and school spirit among students. As the week unfolds, the community has already witnessed the crowning of new SnoWeek royalty and looks forward to more themed festivities.

The week’s proceedings began with a coronation ceremony on Sunday, where students gathered in the APS Auditorium. Masters of Ceremonies Quynn Behrens and Jessi Schlundt led the event, presenting the SnoWeek Court, which comprised students Alyssa Johnson, Brock Dewey, Haleigh Brendmoen, Richie Johnson, Ashley Paulson, and Kellen Dahlen, along with class attendants Bella Tollefson, Quinn Peterson, Emily Evavold, Bradley Schroeder, Kayla Hill, and Easton Nelson. Kellen Dahlen and Ashley Paulson received the honors of King and Queen amidst an enthusiastic audience. The ceremony was also graced by a musical performance by Brock Dewey, who dedicated “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” to his mother, and a game of “Never Have I Ever” played by the SnoWeek court.

Following the coronation, the elementary school kicked off its week with an “Easter Day” on Monday, inviting the children to don their best bunny wear. The high school simultaneously held “Holiday Day,” with students dressing in various holiday-themed attire and participating in a “Minute to Win It Pep Fest.”

Tuesday saw the elementary school students embrace “4th of July Day,” dressing in red, white, and blue, while their older counterparts engaged in a friendly “BBQ Dads vs. Soccer Moms” paint relay.

As of publication on Wednesday “Snow Day” is being celebrated with students from both schools dressed comfortably in their pajamas. Looking ahead, the elementary school anticipates a “Cowboy/Cowgirl Day” on Thursday, where students will showcase their best western wear. The high school plans a “Labor Day” theme, encouraging students to dress for their future careers, alongside a kickball tournament.

The week will draw to a close with “Ashby Super Bowl Day” at the high school, featuring spirit wear and a lip-sync contest, and “Super Bowl Day” at the elementary school, where students will also show their school spirit. Both schools will conclude SnoWeek with dances on Friday night, with the high school’s “New Year’s Eve” themed dance following the basketball game in the APS Cafeteria and the elementary school students looking forward to their own celebratory dance.

The administration and student organizers aim to create an inclusive environment that celebrates the diversity of interests and aspirations of the student body, contributing to a memorable and engaging week for all involved.

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