May 28, 2024

Thanks for everything

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Former General Manager, Grant County Herald
(written July 25, 2022)

Today (Monday, July 25) I put the Herald “to bed” for the last time.  I’ll help put pages together for the August 3 issue, but today was my last press day.  It’s been such a great career for me, and I’m so thankful to everyone I’ve encountered along the way. If you are reading this – that’s you! 

I started my newspaper career in Morris in 1980. I was Advertising Manager for the MorrisSun -Tribune until 1996. My partner, Nick Ripperger,and I then purchased the Herman Review and the Chokio Review from Owen and Michelle Heiberg.  In 1999, we purchased the Grant County Herald from Dave Simpkins, and in 2004 we purchased the Hoffman Tribune from Kris Bueckens. 
Lives change and eventually I was the sole owner of the Herald and turned over my share of the ownership in the other three papers to Nick. I sold the Herald to Reed and Shelly Anfinson in 2014 with plans to go off and play Irish music.  But, that changed when my husband, Bruce Kelly, passed away. I decided to stay and work a little longer – and I’m glad I did. 

As a little girl, growing up in Kensington, I learned to not be shy about going into a business and talking to people. Every Saturday my dad gave me a little manilla envelope that had the winner’s name in it for the big drawing that was held at 9 p.m.  I’d trot off to each business in Kensington and deliver those envelopes, and stop to chat with everyone – even though I was a little kiddo.  Everyone who knows me will understand this – I’m usually not at a loss for words – even though I should learn to be quiet sometimes!

To this day, working with businesses, and trying to find what will work for them in their marketing plan, is what I like to do best.   I know times have changed in the past 40 years.  But I remain devoted and dedicated to the value and viability of the printed word. The Herald now offers more than print ads – you can participate on our Facebook pages, and promote your business on our website and more. 
We are proud to grow with the ‘times,’ but yet provide fundamental services for all businesses.

I’m so proud of everyone that I’ve worked with in the past, and the current crew at the Herald. They will do a great job of ‘carrying on.’  It’s been an interesting, challenging, educational, and rewarding career.  Every day was different – and yet every week the one single goal was to send the Herald off to Quinco Press every Monday… and then to get it to YOUR mailbox every week.

Please remember, this newspaper is a reflection of your communities. We appreciate all the photos and articles that readers submit each week. Please continue that tradition! You make the newspaper YOUR newspaper by contributing items about your community.  We are a small staff and every contribution is valued and makes the Herald a better newspaper.

I’m not moving – I love living here. My cats will see me more, I hope to volunteer more, I’m playing for Bethlehem West Elbow Lake church services, and hope to pick up more music gigs. I want to keep dancing with Bob, and of course, spend more time with kids, grandkids, and friends. I love our communities – they are all home to me.  Thanks for everything – it’s been great!

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