April 21, 2024

‘Unsustainable’ EMS Task Force seeks opinions from citizens

The EMS Task force hears testimony from Chelsey Falk from Sanford Health in Wheaton. The task force as pictured from left to right: Sen. Judy Seeberger, Rep. John Huot, Josh Sande, Sen. Jordan Rasmusson, and Rep. Jeff Backer.

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Jake Sias
Grant County Herald

Addressing urgent challenges faced by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in rural Minnesota, the EMS Task Force conducted its second field hearing on Tuesday. Co-chaired by Rep. John Huot and Sen. Judy Seeberger, the session aimed to engage directly with Minnesotans about the escalating difficulties in emergency medical response, particularly in less populous areas. Rural communities are increasingly strained under the weight of dwindling populations and an aging demographic. This dynamic places an unsustainable burden on volunteer EMTs, who are the backbone of 24/7 emergency response in these areas. As participants articulated, the situation is reaching a breaking point.

The hearing was well attended, with citizens coming with their concerns from as far as Thief River Falls down to Morris, to the point that some had to stand in the doorway to listen. The hearing, hosted in Elbow Lake at the Grant County Social Services building, was an initiative led by Representative Jeff Backer (R-Browns Valley) and Senator Jordan Rasmusson (R-Fergus Falls). Task Force members were brought together to hear firsthand accounts from constituents on improving EMS services.

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