July 13, 2024

Updates given on LEC project and new financial protocols

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Jake Sias
Grant County Herald

The latest County Commissioners meeting brought some clarity to the anticipated final cost of the new Law Enforcement Center (LEC), with details expected to be released on August 1, 2023. Although the project’s final cost and interest rate have not yet been determined due to incomplete sales of the bonds, a progress report should be forthcoming early next month.

In a move to streamline financial operations and control related to the LEC project, the commissioners passed a motion to install US Bank as trustee in charge of payments. Under this system, US Bank will handle payments to Adolfson & Peterson, who will subsequently distribute funds to various vendors involved in the project. The approval for these payments will come from Chairman Troy Johnson and Auditor Chad Van Santen.

In another fiscal oversight motion passed at the meeting, it was decided that unforeseen expenditures related to the LEC project will need to be sanctioned by at least two of the following three individuals: Chairman Johnson, Sheriff Jon Combs, and City Administrator Jeff Holsen. Should any expenditure exceed $5,000, it will be referred to the Board of County Commissioners for further consideration and action. This lower threshold for oversight was suggested by Combs to help instill transparency with the LEC’s construction. 

Additionally, a report from an arborist has indicated that three out of the four historic oak trees on the courthouse grounds are in poor health and require removal. This assessment was made in consideration of the upcoming construction work and the trees’ ability to withstand it. Combs made mention multiple times in the meeting and in previous interviews with the Herald that ensuring minimal damage to the trees on the property has been a high priority for him in the planning and execution of the LEC project. 

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