May 25, 2024

WCA raises pay for substitute teachers, student workers and day care workers

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C.A. Ray
Grant County Herald

The WCA School Board agreed to raise the pay of long-term substitute teachers, student workers and staff members who help out at the after school day care program. The move was made because of the lack of people to fill these positions.

A substitute teacher who holds a valid short-term substitute teaching license will be paid $210 per day if he/she is hired by the school district as a long-term substitute teacher (more than 15 consecutive days) in a particular teaching assignment. By rule, a short-call substitute cannot work the same assignment for more than 15 consecutive days. On the 16th day, the long-term substitute will work in a different assignment and then resume teaching on the original assignment for another 15 consecutive days. This practice will continue until the long-term substitute teacher vacancy has ended.

A licensed teacher, who is working as a long-term substitute, will be paid at BA Step 0 with eligible benefits of the Master Agreement.

The board also agreed to raise the pay of student workers for the district from $10.59 per hour to $11.00 per hour and add a $2 per hour premium to staff members who work at the after school daycare program, which will now close at 5:00 p.m. instead of 5:30.

Superintendent Brownlow said staff members have been willing to help out at the understaffed daycare, but do not like working until 5:30 and then going home to take care of their own children.

Brownlow also reported on some building needs that need to be addressed immediately. He said the condensate return pumps have failed at North and need immediate repair. Also low water cutout seals have failed and need to be replaced, and the heat exchanger tank for the hot water side of the building is losing glycol and needs repair.

In the Secondary School gym, the lights are not lighting to their full potential. The school will be obtaining quotes to get these lights functioning properly  with the first home basketball game scheduled for November 29.

Other business

The board was presented with the annual audit from Clifton Larson Allen, LLP. The board approved a resolution accepting donations for the school musical and the girls basketball program, and a resolution canvassing returns of votes from the recent school board election.

The board approved the annual Community Education report and reviewed the Compulsory Education Report to make sure home schooled and private school students are receiving an education consistent with other WCA students.

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