July 18, 2024

WCA school board fills vacancy and looks toward the future of facilities

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Jake Sias
Grant County Herald

Nathan Porter was appointed to the West Central Area School District board during its recent monthly committee meeting. This decision followed a structured nomination process for the vacant seat on the board.

The appointment process involved nominations for three out of four applicants, with Porter securing the necessary majority vote on the first nomination. His appointment is subject to a 30-day provisional period, during which it can be contested via a valid petition submitted to the school district clerk.

Porter, the current fire chief of the Elbow Lake Fire Department, brings a unique perspective to the school board, grounded in his deep ties to the community. “I have been in the fire department for over 20 years, here in town. I have worked here in town for over 28, so I know a lot of the community members,” Porter expressed. His connection to WCA is also personal, as three of his children are alumni and one is currently enrolled.

Regarding his decision to join the school board, Porter said, “I have always thought about it, and the opportunity came up this time, and with the circumstances, I didn’t have to campaign for the position.” He remains undecided about campaigning for the next election, noting that it is still a year away and he hasn’t thought that far ahead.

The meeting concluded with discussions on the district’s future, focusing on short-term and long-term priorities for its facilities. Porter expressed enthusiasm about these discussions, stating, “I actually am looking forward to the visits and ideas. Now is the time we start talking if we want to do something in November.”

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