June 14, 2024

Wedum Foundation pledges $500,000 matching donation to Academic Enrichment Fund

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Jake Sias
Grant County Herald

West Central Area Education Foundation has secured a significant financial boost through a commitment from the Wedum Foundation. This pledge entails a $500,000 matching donation to the Academic Enrichment Fund, distributed over five years with annual contributions up to $100,000. To qualify for the full matching donation, the community must raise an equivalent amount each year. John Kreft and Jan Mahoney brought the news to the WCA school board during the board’s May 15 meeting. 

So far, the WCA Education Foundation has amassed $160,000, securing this year’s matching $100,000 from the Wedum Foundation. Additional pledges are anticipated to bring the total closer to $250,000. Should the community succeed in raising the entire $500,000 needed for the matching donation, the resulting million dollars will generate $60,000 annually from interest, providing ongoing support for the school district.

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