May 28, 2024

West Central Area rebrands itself with new Knight mascot, logo

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In the fall of 1993, our communities introduced our new school of West Central Area, and with it our Knight mascot. The image attached to the mascot was a one color stylized knight helmet. In the time since its debut, the use of school mascot logos and identity has changed drastically. Online usage has made visual identification more important. New and easier ways of reproducing graphics in print and on clothing have helped fans and students show their school pride in a myriad of ways. The original “Knight” was not versatile enough to be used in these new and exciting directions.

West Central Area’s “brand” was in need of a facelift. 

In order to develop a new visual identity, WCA obtained the services of VIP Branding at no cost because of an existing agreement with BSN Sports. With the go-ahead from the school board, a group of staff and community members began meeting fourteen months ago. Initial conversations centered around verbs and adjectives that would describe the new mascot. The new Knight was to be “stately, strident, resolute, and fierce”, and not to be portrayed as aggressive or violent. The full complement of school colors was to be utilized – Red, Black and Silver.

In the subsequent months, dozens of drafts were shared. Revisions were honed, reworked, or abandoned. Through live artwork sessions with the graphic designers, the group arrived with a sword-wielding Knight wearing a flowing red cape with a determined clenched fist.

Upon completion of the Knight mascot, additional images were developed – a shield graphic, initials and word mark. These six new images give users a variety of design choices.

WCA’s school board has officially adopted this artwork as our school identity, and is anxious for all of WCA to use them in exciting and vibrant ways. The new “school identity” will be available shortly to any and all who wish to use WCA’s images to enhance school spirit, grow community culture, and proclaim their school affiliation. We have not abandoned the trusty, standby Knight image. It, and other long-time used logos, are still available as Legacy images. The entire portfolio of approved artwork will be available through a portal on the school website.

This fall’s Knight-wear Online Store is available now featuring school clothing utilizing the new identity. Browse the store at or follow the link from the school website. 

Check out the ad in this week’s issue of the Herald for more information.

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