May 28, 2024

Woman builds ice skating rink in Farwell

The new ice rink has brought smiles to many kids' faces.

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Becca Eisel of Farwell has always been a go-getter. She remembered Farwell having an ice skating rink when she was a kid and decided the kids (and adults) in the area needed something to do, so she made the Farwell Ice Skating Rink a reality. Becca has invested approximately $500.00 of her own money to get the rink up and skating.

Becca did her research and found most skating rinks have between three and seven inches of ice. The Farwell rink currently has five inches. She also researched building a home-made Zamboni and has accomplished that, and grooms the rink quite frequently.

Becca’s goal was to get the kids out of the house for some fresh air and exercise and it has worked… the rink is used every day! Last Wednesday, the parents had to turn their headlights on so their children could skate a little longer. The kids are having a blast and several have their first pair of ice skates. 

This week, Becca received cash donations from Runestone Insurance, Crossroads General Store, The Kensington Fire Department, Eisel Lawn Care, Lake. Life . Style., and Kensington Bank. Cash donations were used to purchase hockey nets, sticks, and some used ice skates. The Kensington Supermarket donated a fish house that will be converted into a warming house/storage shed. Executive Sanitation has donated a porta-potty. Image Xperts is donating a “Farwell Skating Rink” sign.

How Becca finds time to build and maintain an ice skating rink is a mystery. Becca owns Eisel Lawn Care, is on the Kensington Fire and Rescue, the Hoffman Ambulance Service, and Holmes City First Responders. She is also the director of the board for the Lakes Area First Responders, and is going to school through Hennepin County for her paramedic degree. She also works full time for Glacier Ridge Ambulance in Glenwood.

Since Becca has brought the Farwell Ice Skating Rink back, she is already planning on continuing the ice skating rink for winters to come.

Anyone with ice skates or hockey equipment to donate, can drop it off at Crossroads in Kensington.

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