April 22, 2024

Work on Highways 55/59 to start

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For the rest of this summer, MnDOT will be working on a resurface and shoulder widening on Highways 55/59 between Elbow Lake and Barrett. Other improvements, as part of the project, include realigning the junction of County Highway 54 and Third Street in Elbow Lake, constructing turn lanes off 55/59 on County Road 8 and 21, replacing culverts, snow sloping to reduce drifting, and installing a pedestrian ramp in the City of Barrett.

All this will mean detours, of course, and MnDOT plans to break the project up into two phases to lessen the impact.

Phase One goes from July 25 until the end of October, when the bulk of the resurface and shoulder widening will take place on 55/59 between County Road 54 and County Road 21, and the turn lanes will be constructed. For this phase, the detour route will be County Roads 54 and 8.

In mid-September, crews will begin Phase 2, which includes the realigning of the junction of County Road 54 and Third Street in Elbow Lake. For this phase, until the realigning is completed, the detour route continues on County Roads 8 and 54 but turns west on County Road 25, north on County Road 1 all the way into Elbow Lake via Division Street West.

Phase 2 also includes the pedestrian ramp in Barrett where workers will work under traffic with lane closures and flaggers.

If you live or work on Highways 55/59, driveway access will be maintained, but sections of the roadway may be temporarily impassable during culvert replacements. During Phase 2 expect delays between County Road 21 and Barrett.

For more information go to <mndot.gov/d4/projects/elbowlake-barrett>.

Ths color-coded map shows the detour routes for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project. Weather can change the timeline.Minnesota Department of Transportation

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