May 28, 2024

Young couple rethinks grocery store concept

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When Alex and Caileen Ostenson were married in 2010 they moved to the Twin Cities where Alex worked as a diesel mechanic. His work involved driving to  locations hours away. He would often return home late at night, only to have to get up and take off again in the morning. 

The couple left the Twin Cities and moved back to west central Minnesota in 2017, purchasing a home on the Grant/Douglas county line.  Both are graduates of West Central Area High School. They have two children, ages seven and two.

“Both fiery redheads,” said Caileen.

Alex’s drives to work took him through many small towns and he noticed how these small towns were losing businesses, especially their grocery stores. His long, solitary drives also gave him lots of time to think.

“One day, in the fall of 2019, he told me ‘we’re going to open a grocery store in Evansville’,” recalls Caileen. “I just laughed. We didn’t have any experience in running a grocery store.”


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