May 6, 2021

Grant County Herald

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A clarification


General Manager

We have six employees at the Herald office. There are wide and varied political views among the staff.  That is a good thing.  Each week we strive to bring our readers news of their city, their county, their school, their neighbors, and their lives.  We run an average of 22 pages each week. Only one of them is the Opinion Page.  

Last week we had an editorial that called for a ‘time out’ for letters and editorials about our most recent former president.  This was to put a stop to the potentially never-ending back and forth ‘for and against’ him.  Like two people who will never agree – some time apart seemed necessary.  Don’t worry, ‘freedom of speech’ is alive and well  – and everyone’s letters are welcome.  The editorial  called for everyone to ‘take a breath’ and maybe try to agree to disagree for a while.  In the over 20 years I’ve been at the Herald, I can recall only a handful of letters to the editor (properly signed) that have not run.  They did not run because they were profane or libelous, and our attorney recommended they not run.  I’m guessing our former president will continue to engage in politics. I’m sure we will again have another tug-of-war between his opponents and his followers.  No one is trying to silence either side. The Opinion Page is just one page – and our lives are so much more than one page or one opinion.