April 21, 2024

Another Point of View

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To the Editor,

Plutarchy,  a fascinating word and one that needs some understanding within the context in which it was used in a recent letter to the editor.  “Plutarchy is a society that is ruled or controlled by people of great wealth or income.”  An expanded understanding of the word is described as an “oligarchy because economic elites and organized groups representing special interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence.”  When one understands the word it is important to be careful who we identify with that word.   

Who are the wealthy folks wielding their power and influence in shaping and perhaps controlling today’s political, social and economic agenda?    I,  for example don’t think it is the wealthy republican elite folks but rather the wealthy democratic elitists who are the influence peddlers threatening American freedom and liberty. These include the high tech gurus that are caught up in censorship, the likes of Mark Zuckerberg. Also Jack Dorsey the Twitter guy, Bill Gates, celebrity snowflakes and wealthy politicians who have stopped believing in democracy and American Exceptionalism. Oh yes, we can’t leave out George Soros and how he uses his “dark money” to influence political outcomes.

I fear that Social progressivism, the liberals template for the future, is sabotaging the foundation of our republic and the American dream. So, we may disagree on who should be thrown in the clink but we can agree on what should be done with the key.

Cleaning Up The Mess

Regarding “Cleaning up the Trump mess,” does the mess include a resurgence of our economy, lowest unemployment numbers in decades, more blacks, Hispanics, and women in the workplace,  a stronger military, cleaning up the VA, a coronavirus vaccine delivered at warp speed, fewer baby’s being aborted, peace treaties orchestrated between Israel and four Arab nations in the past year, and 401Ks that make even liberal investors smile.

Let’s see how things evolve in the next four years.  My hope is that we can come together as a nation and meaningful progress will be made, that the polarization of relationships between friends and family will reverse course and there will be a healing.   Let’s stop casting stones and unite as a people, one nation under God. 

Perhaps, just perhaps, if all of us as a nation would take a more humble and prayerful approach to life we might just hear from the one who blessed us with this great democrat republic and our shortfalls will be waived and our wounds healed.  This is the perfect season of the year to set aside those things that so easily beset us, to tone down the rhetoric, to refocus our attention and energies on family, friends and faith and run the race with vigor to protect our freedoms and save the integrity of the greatest republic the world has ever known.  

Roger Strom

Elbow Lake. MN

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