May 28, 2024

Changes… for everyone

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Anne O’Flynn, Grant County Herald General Manager

A week ago Friday afternoon, the calls started to come in. “Please cancel my ad for… (insert here: the name of any event scheduled for the month).” Then last Monday morning, we fielded more calls for cancelled events. That’s pretty much how the entire week went. All of these cancellations were necessary and appropriate.

While this was happening, we were also receiving valuable information to print in the newspaper regarding the COVID-19 virus and how it’s affecting our communities.

We sincerely hope the ‘social distance’ recommendations and closings will help curb the spread of the virus. We will continue to provide the communities we serve with as much information as we can – especially information that is specific to our area.

You may notice that your newspaper will look different in the next few weeks – at least until the world returns to ‘normal.’ We’ve had to cut staff hours, office hours (10-3), and trim the number of pages that we produce, print, and mail each week.

Our mission, as always, is to provide our readers with timely, accurate information about what is important to them. We won’t spread rumors or repeat misinformation from social media. We are so thankful that our community leaders reach out to us to distribute their information. You will see that in this issue – and in future issues.

We’ve been trying to find ‘bright spots’ in all of this. 

‘Bright Spot’ #1:  Enter Eugen Wittemann from Hans House. Eugen came bounding across the street with a positive attitude and had us set up an ad for his ‘Car Hop’ service. Great example of ‘when you are in hot water – take a bath!’ 

         Bright Spot #2: When I got out of my car at work on Wednesday, the first thing I heard was a robin singing happily in the tree. I had to smile – spring will come no matter what. 

Bright Spot #3:  I received an e-mail from Brian Kjesbo placing a help wanted classified ad in the Herald and Canary for three weeks. I thanked him and said ‘that was the most advertising I’d sold all day’! He responded with  “North Ottawa economic stimulus at work” – which sent me instantly into a better mood.  You just gotta love a positive attitude in the midst of all this.  If you experience a ‘Bright Spot,’ please share it with us.

All in all, we’ll see how this goes. It’s uncharted territory. Thank you to everyone who contributes to the greater good for our communities. Take care.

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