May 29, 2024

Covid-19 Questions

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To the Editor,

Dear Reader,

I would like to pose some questions to ponder should you be so inclined. 

First question. Who determines what is “misinformation”? Is it the editorial board of the Grant


Herald? Facebook? Twitter? CNN? This terminology is being spread around like a cancer and used whenever there is disagreement over a narrative that doesn’t fit a particular agenda. On 9/9/21 NPR posted a story about Amazon who is now coming under fire from none other than…wait for it… Adam Schiff and Elizabeth Warren who are of course experts in telling the truth and not spreading misinformation. Why? Because according to their research Amazon is selling books that don’t fit in with the COVID-19 narrative. They claim that Amazon’s algorithms “promote hoax COVID-19 cures” amongst other things COVID-19 related. Warren has accused Amazon of being “either unwilling or unable to modify its business practices to prevent the spread of falsehoods or the sale of inappropriate products”.

Sounds to me like big government wants to overreach again on what individuals can and cannot read or purchase. That’s called censorship and very dangerous territory for our government to continue to dabble in and attempt to control. Book confiscation anyone? Last I was aware of we aren’t Nazi Germany, China, or under a Communist regime, yet. I would encourage readers to look up the NPR article for themselves to read it in its entirety and draw their own conclusions.

Second question. Here it is, a real “hot-button.” Does the government, namely Number 46, Joe Biden, have the right to dictate and mandate what you or I do or don’t do regarding our individual healthcare choices? I can almost hear the chatter of YES YES YES just as equally as I can hear a resounding and impassioned NO NO NO. Both sides have their reasons and personal convictions. My advice, show respect for those differences of opinion.  

Vaccines have been debated for years, long before COVID-19 even showed up on the horizon. People have the right to question everything about this vaccine just as there has been and continues to be debate over other vaccines, especially childhood vaccinations.  But let me tell you what, God help anyone if they question the almighty COVID-19 vaccine. The backlash, ridicule, finger pointing, name calling, virtue signaling, and accusations start with calculated deliberation to fuel the fire of division that is so ever present in this nation. 

One writer to the GCH calls anyone and everyone idiots for not getting the jab. Another writer to the GCH, brought Jesus into the conversation implying that anyone who called themselves a Christian should get the jab, you know to show brotherly love and all. Another writer to the GCH brings up issues concerning the vaccine that he felt were important and by gosh he got his name splashed all over the editorial page in scathing pushback. 

Third question. Why isn’t the government and so called “experts” discussing natural immunity and encouraging individuals who have had COVID-19 to get fully tested for antibodies before getting the jab? Why isn’t the news media and government reporting about and celebrating a new in-depth, effective way to test for antibodies called Aditxtscore? But hey, being a bit cynical here, I’m waiting for big gov and the all knowing Fauci to call this “misinformation” to debunk any credibility of this company. Why would they do this? Because the jab is bringing in HUGE amounts of revenue. Pfizer alone brought in 3.5 billion dollars in the first three months their vaccine was offered. Moderna, the US Governments baby, six billion dollars has been invested. 

So… is this vaccine really about our health? Why the continued fear driving narrative? Why doesn’t the government talk openly about the high survival rates from COVID-19, it would possibly give people living paralyzed by fear hope, instead they minimize that fact and promote how many people have tragically died. 

Fourth Question. I have had conversations with many people, even today, about health and nutrition as we have walked through this pandemic.  The question that always rises to the surface is, why doesn’t the government talk about building up your immune system through proper nutrition, hydration, and exercise, using common sense and a scientific approach to managing a virus that is going to be with us most likely forever. We have COVID-19 in our midst, we now have the Delta variant and Lambda is looming on the horizon.  

Every person has an individual choice in how they approach and manage this relentless stinkin virus, and each person must decide for themselves if fear will be allowed to run rampant for the rest of a lifetime, dictating every decision made. I had COVID-19, I also had a very close relative who died from it, this however has not derailed me from living life to the fullest day to day, engaging with family and friends and I refuse to allow fear to dictate how I live my life amid the uncertain times we live in. 

Tara Bengtson

Elbow Lake, MN

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