May 29, 2024

Get along, or go along?

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To the Editor,

This is in response to the letter to the editor about “getting along.” I guess I fail to see where you don’t see this community coming and working together. I saw our communities come together and support our kids and the phenomenal fall seasons they have had. I see people coming together to raise funds for the Ag Department greenhouse, the choir collecting and donating socks, the PTO wish tree, and making care packages for foster children. The WCA community continues to astound me in its willingness to come together, get along and support one another regardless of who they are, political affiliation or faith because we are Knights Nation, we are one. 

So after all that I ask: Is it because people have not been jumping up and down with joy about the fact we need to start over from square one with how to handle our aged out elementary structures? Or the fact people have not capitulated to the will of a small group of people who have proven they will do and say whatever it takes to keep the current school in Kensington standing? 

I’m sorry but you don’t get to say the things that were said on social media, or hire a man like Paul Dorr to say the things that were said about community members and turn around and claim you’re the ones being bullied, or you’re the ones who people are lying about, or you’re the ones people don’t want to work with. 

You cannot condone the behavior of the Dorr group, then hold out a plate of cookies, saying be kind and expect everyone to sing “Kumbaya” while our facilities continue their downward decline. 

People want more than the status quo and good enough. Don’t be upset when people don’t fall in line and go along to get along.

Jared Olson

Barrett, MN

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