May 29, 2024

Improving sports coverage

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To the Editor,

My mother, who is 102 years old, and a former teacher at Barrett,  my brother, who lives in Oregon and is a Barrett High School graduate, and myself, are all big WCA sports fans and look forward to the coverage in the Grant County Herald every week. We are not the only ones: parents; grandparents; and alumni, all like following their favorite high school team.

This spring, however, we are quite disappointed. There is very little coverage of WCA baseball,  softball, or track and field, in our weekly newspaper. After talking to the editor of the Herald I find the reason is that the coaches of these sports are not sending any game reports for him to work with.  In other words, the Herald cannot publish the story of a baseball or softball game without any statistics, game description, or even a mention of who won!

I would like to encourage the administration at WCA to make it a priority for all coaches to promote their sport by working with local press and providing weekly game reports. In fact, it should be part of their job description, if it is not already. Kris Beuckens did a fantastic job covering boys and girls basketball for many years and the spring coaches could use his work as an example.

We have some terrific athletes at WCA and they deserve to be covered in their local paper. Besides that, winning teams are a good way to promote your school. 

With the playoffs coming up, let’s see if the sports coverage can improve.

Terry Burns

Barrett, MN

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