May 28, 2024

Leave campaign yard signs alone

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This election season there seems to be more than the usual vandalism of candidates yard signs, flags, and posters. Perhaps it’s an offshoot of the more than usual viciousness of our political campaigns lately.  Needless so say, this childish behavior not only does not help your preferred candidate, it is also illegal and punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and/or six months in jail!

Is it worth it? Not hardly!

No matter what you may think of a certain candidate, it is their first amendment right to promote their cause. Signs can be expensive and destroying them means only that the candidate you do not like is going to spend more money on even more advertising.

Campaign volunteers often spend days and days putting up signs because of their commitment to a candidate. These volunteers are often your friends and neighbors, who under normal circumstances, you would never want to hurt, or anger.

Not only that, but the candidate you do prefer would be embarrassed to know his or her supporters are engaged in such immature behavior.

Most candidates, when it comes right down to it, admire their opponents because only they know how much blood, sweat, and tears goes into a campaign for office. It also says something about the American democratic system that we allow so much public advertising for political office.

Just think of the alternative: A country where our leaders are selected for us and we have no say.

So leave the signs alone! Let freedom ring in all its colorful glory!

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