October 3, 2023

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Letter: If the shoe fits… wear it

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To the Editor,

Friday night was the first time I locked the house doors in four years. The last time was when I would be out of town. Because of a pandemic killer virus we have been staying at home shutting out the world. But now, with violence, we are not voluntarily closing the door but rather are being locked in mentally by circumstances out of control!

The saddest part of history to be written will be the fact that elected officials had not the intelligence, morals, and gumption to admit their ineptness in a crisis, but rather engaged in tit for tat. The politics  of exchanging allegations and sarcasm to overt the truth of their own shortcomings but rather divert blame onto another.

Celebrity leadership bent on dictating their ideology to the rest of society did intestinally fan the flames of anarchy and vent rages while calling for peaceful violence to achieve justice and liberty, but not in a vengeful way?

The utter confusion of schizophrenic minds that could never distinguish between right and wrong but admittedly had the quickest wit to pervert the truth to conceal their lies and persuade an agenda!

If there is a history written, the year 2020 will be remembered as the era of hypocrisy. When the innocent and naive were apologetic for the hate rendered by those that appeared to be the holiest of the holy!

It is said ‘Money is the root of all evil’ but now, money buys forgiveness?

Jim Beyerink

Elbow Lake, MN

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